Rapper shot dead in Los Angeles


Slim 400
Rapper shot dead in Los Angeles

Slim 400 was shot dead in Los Angeles.

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Slim 400 is dead. The German-born US rapper and avowed gang member died after a shooting in Los Angeles.

The US rapper Slim 400 is dead. As reported by the “TMZ” portal, among others, the 33-year-old was shot dead in Los Angeles County. He was involved in a shooting on Wednesday evening in Inglewood for reasons that have not yet been clarified. Law enforcement says it is currently not clear how many suspects were involved in the crime.

Slim 400, whose real name is Vincent Cohran, was born in Frankfurt am Main on June 21, 1988 as the son of a US military man. However, he spent his childhood in the infamous gang and gangsta rap town of Compton. Slim 400 was an avowed member of the Bloods gang.

Slim 400 was gunned down in 2019

Slim 400 was gunned down in California as early as 2019. At that time he was hit by nine bullets and survived seriously injured. He later announced that he was going to visit his family in Compton and was ambushed there.



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