Radio Boys from the 70s Gathered at Sewoon Shopping Mall


Birth of Radio Kids
Social and cultural history surrounding Goldstar A-501 radio
Written by Donggwang Kim l Goongri l 15,000 won

“Korea’s first domestic radio will finally appear in the ‘Show Window’. Goldstar Co., Ltd., which had been equipped with the necessary facilities for radio production, finally entered the mass production stage and began supplying it to stores nationwide around November 15.” (November 4, 1959) The release of the Goldstar A-501 radio an article that informs It was the ‘Radio Love’ of the Park Chung-hee administration that saved the Goldstar Radio, which appeared brilliantly with the title of ‘Korea’s No. 1 Radio’, but was still defeated by American and Japanese radios. While the Park Chung-hee administration implemented a strong policy to encourage domestic products, it launched a ‘radio campaign to send to rural areas’. This was to promote the legitimacy of the regime to the public through radio and to encourage participation in Saemaul Undong and civil defense training. is a book containing the political, social, and technological landscapes surrounding radio in Korea in the 1960s and 1970s. From the government’s point of view, radio was an effective means of publicity, but for the people, it was a useful medium through which information and entertainment could be obtained. The students were fascinated by the technical side of radio. The ‘do-it-yourself’ culture of getting parts and making the radio yourself was popular. If the ‘Jangsa-dong Kid’ who roamed the streets of Seoul’s Jangsa-dong, where electronic parts makers were gathered right after the Korean War, was the first generation of their own culture, the ‘Radio Boy’ who flocked to the Sewoon Shopping Center established in 1969 was the second generation of their own culture. The author analyzes that Korea’s own culture was deeply ingrained in patriotism and pragmatism, which believes that “honing technology is the way to help the future of the country”. By Ahn Seon-hee, staff reporter [email protected]

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