Queen Elizabeth: That’s her touching Christmas secret


Queen Elizabeth
The monarch has a touching Christmas secret

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Queen Elizabeth is well prepared for the upcoming holidays – Windsor Castle is already adorned like a fairytale. But the Queen’s favorite Christmas decoration is in her private apartment.

Queen Elizabeth, 95, doesn’t seem holding back when it comes to Christmas decorations. The rooms of Windsor Castle have been exuding a glamorous festive mood for several days. This is ensured, among other things, by a six-meter-high, elaborately decorated tree, which can also be admired by the public. Most of all, however, the monarch enjoys her private Christmas tree, as an insider reveals.

Queen Elizabeth: This is her Christmas secret

Apparently the British head of state likes things simple in his private life when it comes to decoration. Because in Sandringham, where the Royal Family traditionally celebrates Christmas, there is no trace of pompous decoration. Former royal chef Darren McGrady told Good Housekeeping that the monarch is setting up a real tree and an artificial tree on her Norfolk estate.

“The queen is not lavish, so the decoration is minimal. The royal family has a large Christmas tree and a large silver man-made tree in the dining room that is about 30 years old,” he says. Instead of buying a new tree every year, Her Majesty relies on an artificial tree for the festive mood at Christmas dinner – and has thus created a tradition that is also sustainable.

The Christmas tree is being set up

Christmas in Sandringham

Due to the corona pandemic, the annual meeting in Sandringham 2020 was not possible. But it is assumed that the monarch will have the family as guests this year as usual: According to “Mirror”, Prince Charles, 73, and his wife Camilla, 74, are expected. Prince William, Duchess Catherine, both 39, and their children Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3, are also said to be there.

Celebrating with her loved ones should mean a lot to the Queen, especially this year, as it will be the first Christmas since the death of her husband Prince Philip, † 99.

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