Prince Albert’s ex-lover Nicole Coste shoots again sharply against Princess Charlène


While Princess Charlène is currently in a clinic and has been struggling with health problems for months, Prince Albert’s ex Nicole Coste is now again extremely derogatory about her.

Prince Alberts, 63, ex-lover caused a bang at the beginning of September 2021: Nicole Coste, 50, spoke for the first time in 16 years about her relationship with the Monegasque regent and the relationship with his wife, Princess Charlène, 43 others as well gone. Now Albert’s ex strikes again – and shoots even harder against Charlène.

Prince Albert’s ex about Charlène’s condition: “Everything that happens to her is karma”

Princess Charlène has been struggling with health problems and a long-lasting ear, nose and throat infection since mid-May. At the beginning of November, after more than six months from South Africa, she finally returned to Monaco – but shortly afterwards she went to a clinic. It is said that she still needs to rest and recover. The exact reason and whereabouts are not revealed.

Albert’s ex Nicole Coste was asked about the ex-swimmer’s health at a party in Marylebone. According to the Daily Mail, the former stewardess coolly replies: “I don’t care what’s wrong with her,” only to add another: “Everything that happens to her is karma.” Harsh words that the royal couple shouldn’t like.

Nicole Coste and her son Alexandre Grimaldi Coste attend the unveiling of the sculpture “Together” by Lorenzo Quinn at Hotel Mariott during the 74th Cannes Film Festival on July 06, 2021 in Cannes, France.

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Coste has already publicly defamed Princess Charlène

In the past, Albert’s ex Nicole Coste had no good hair on Charlène. “During the engagement period, I experienced things that alarmed and shocked me,” she said in an interview with Paris Match. Her son Alexandre, 18, who came from a liaison with the regent, was seven years old at the time. During this time there is said to have been repeated friction with the princess.

“She [Charlène] For example, he changed my son’s room and took advantage of his father’s absence to put him in the staff wing. As a mother, I can’t find words to describe this behavior, “Coste recalled. And in the years that followed, the relationship between women wasn’t really going to get any better.

Fürstin Charlene

With Prince Albert, however, it was different. “Albert always accepted his role as father and we never reached a financial agreement,” said Nicole Coste about the probably harmonious father-son relationship.

Albert made Costes statements “angry”

Intimate information released to the public by the former stewardess. And that’s exactly what makes Prince Albert really angry. “She had informed me that she was going to publish something, I thought it was just a birthday photo”, Albert explains now in an interview with “Point de Vue” and clarifies: “It was inappropriate, I was angry when I discovered it . ”

The 63-year-old also emphasizes several times that he did not know what Nicole Coste wanted to publish. Above all, the “unfounded statements” about his wife Charlène are “completely invented”.

Prince Albert celebrated with his illegitimate children

Nevertheless, Albert celebrated the 18th birthday of their son together with Nicole Coste a few days after the headline-grabbing interview in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. “We celebrated Alexandre’s birthday two days later because he [Albert] was traveling. The palace organized an unforgettable festival in honor of Alexander. We are very grateful to them for that. Everyone was very attentive to him, it was touching, “said Coste afterwards. Alexandre’s half-sister Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 29, was also a guest at the celebrations.

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Princess Charlène had to say goodbye to her family after a five-day flying visit because of the festival. A severe ear, nose and throat infection kept her in South Africa until the beginning of November.

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