‘Please reduce criminal responsibility while working as a policeman’ National Assembly brakes


Criticism of the police’s ineffective on-site response to violent crimes, and recent legislation to exempt the police from liability if damage occurs in the course of their duties has accelerated, but the parliamentary process was canceled due to concerns about human rights violations.

Reporter Kim Hyung-rae reports.

Police officers left the scene in Incheon last month, leaving a victim stabbed by a knife.

[피해자 남편 (지난달 20일) : 집사람이 쓰러졌는데 피가 분수처럼 나오는걸…. 딸은 칼로 찌르려고 하는 손을 잡고 대치를 하고 있었거든요.]

Criticism of the poor response was poured out.

Commissioner Kim Chang-ryong ordered the on-site police officer to use drastic force, and the National Assembly accelerated related legislation.

Amendments to the Police Officer Duties Act.

It aims to reduce the criminal responsibility of police officers for damage that occurs in the course of performing their duties.

Some lawmakers from the ruling party agreed, saying that the police should support an active response, but

[김종민/민주당 의원 : 민생 관련된 치안사건에서도 이런 소극성이 만연해 있어요, 지금. 국민들이 이걸 되게 걱정하고 있습니다.]

Opposition was raised by opposition lawmakers, arguing that excessive legislation could infringe human rights.

[장제원/국민의힘 의원 : 너무 포괄적으로 면책을 준다는 거죠. 이렇게 되면 사실상 인권침해 가능성이 있거든요.]

Citizen opinions are divided.

[정주영/서울 서초구 : 규범을 정해놨는데 거기에 강제력이 없다고 그러면 의미가 없는 거거든요, 경찰 공권력이라는 거 자체에.]

[황희창/서울 동작구 : (과거) 80년대 70년대에는 그런 경찰 권력을 많이 활용했잖아요. 너무 한 번에 확 (면책을) 하는 것보다 단계적으로 절차를 밟아서….]

Commissioner Kim persuaded lawmakers to come up with an internal control device to prevent abuse, but the National Assembly Legislative and Judiciary Committee put the bill on hold after a heated debate, and some are pointing out that social consensus is needed first.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong and Jeong Sang-bo, video editing: Choi Jin-hwa)


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