Pfizer: 3rd dose could prevent Omicron


Omicron is spreading rapidly around the world, but the specific characteristics of the mutation are not yet known. However, Pfizer announced based on its own research results that the third dose of the vaccine could prevent Omicron.

I will read the Washington correspondent Kim Soo-hyung’s report first, then continue the conversation with a medical reporter.

The test conducted by Pfizer and Biontech measured the amount of neutralizing antibodies in the blood of those who received the vaccine twice and those who received the vaccine three times, respectively.

The neutralizing antibody level of those who received only the second dose was significantly lower, but it was found that the third booster dose increased by 25 times.

The booster shot can block Omicron.

[앨버트 불라/화이자 CEO : 지금까지 실제 데이터를 보면, 3차 부스터 접종이 백신의 효과를 극적으로 높여주는 것으로 보입니다.]

However, it is still an early study and contains limited information with only 39 samples.

The problem is that it is not known how long the neutralizing antibody will last after the third booster inoculation.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bulla predicted that the timing of the fourth booster dose may need to be advanced.

Omicron mutations are spreading throughout the United States, and the power of delta mutations is getting stronger and stronger.

That’s an increase of over 60% in just one month.

There is no other nifty solution other than the 3rd booster vaccination.

[파우치/백악관 수석 의료 보좌관 : 저는 사람들이 백신으로 보호받는 것을 최우선적으로 보고 싶습니다. 저에게 3차 추가 접종을 하는 건 명백하고 의문의 여지가 없는 문제입니다.]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts that if this trend continues, up to 14,900 more people will die by the end of the year, bringing the total number of deaths to 837,000.

(Video coverage: Park Eun-ha, video editing: Jung Yong-hwa)

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