Marie Nasemann: “We did something totally insane today”


Marie Nasemann
“We did something totally insane today”

Marie Nasemann and husband Sebastian Tigges

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Marie Nasemann and husband Sebastian Tigges have “done something totally insane”. The freshly baked two-time parents sat down on the plane with their attachments and left wet and gray Germany behind.

Marie Nasemann, 32, is known for her honest mom postings on Instagram. There she regularly gives her around 200,000 followers an insight into her everyday life as a working mother of two small children. In mid-October, their daughter and husband Sebastian Tigges saw the light of day. Only two months later, the small family is now daring a big adventure: the first big trip as a group of four.

Marie Nasemann dares to fly with two small children

The 32-year-old hardly has to tell other parents that it was anything but relaxed. But she does it anyway and, as usual, with a healthy dose of self-irony. “We did something really insane today [sic]”, she announced in her Instagram story about a snapshot that shows her and her loved one with a child on their lap on the plane.” 5 hours of flying with two children under two (at least one of them emotionally strong). How can you be so crazy [sic].”

Marie Nasemann flies with her attachment to the Canary Islands.

Marie Nasemann flies with an attachment to the Canary Islands.

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Marie Nasemann: “Traveling with children sucks”

And that’s not all: the model and his family started the trip under difficult conditions. “Two days before departure, 3 out of 4 fell sick again [sic]”, she reports. On landing she had” sinus pain from hell “, complains Marie.

In baby stress

In this case the journey was obviously not the goal, but everyone “somehow survived”. Marie’s honest conclusion: “Traveling with children is and remains shitty.” On arrival, the exhausting journey is almost forgotten again. After all, the family of four expected the best weather and 20 degrees in the Canary Islands. “Kita Keime goodbye,” says the Berliner by choice, happily.

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