Jenni Rivera: La Diva de la Banda is remembered nine years after her departure


Jenni Rivera he was a public figure constantly surrounded by controversy, the media were looking for the story that would attract the most by morbid or criticism, and with that image created by the media was captured in the memory of the people, once unfortunately He passed away on December 9, 2012.

They remember Jenni as a person who liked to help

The host Blanca Martínez “La Chicuela” comments that the artist is remembered by those who knew her as an altruistic woman that he always tried to help, which the press did not quite show.

“She was a woman with many pants, a warrior who helped others, there are many altruistic works that are unknown because he preferred to do them without cameras, There are a lot of people he helped, fans he gave money to, property “.

“La Chicuela” used as an example the memory of an event in which the interpreter of “Rebelde y darrida” donated 500 thousand pesos to the victims of a natural disaster.

“She donated 500 thousand pesos, 100 thousand pesos for each of her children. We gave a symbolic check to the mayor of Monterrey in a concert at the Arena two years before her death, she loved my city very much and made that donation that no another artist, “he says.

But the next day the notes did not focus on the selfless act of “la Diva de la Banda” but in the fact that during the event there were women who took off their bra.

“At the event, many women lifted their shirts, took off their bras and threw it on stage and on that occasion there was more talk about bras than about 500 thousand pesos donated by Jenni. “

Jenni Rivera had a good sense of humor

Despite everything, the singer knew how to take criticism with humor and then he would play with his audience during his events when bras began to arrive.

“They have already started to ‘deflate’. They are hot, right? Well, you explain it tomorrow when they burn me in the media and on television. I was going to tell you that the next time they take them off, I’ll take mine off too, but no, I’m going to be good, “Jenni said humorously.

As is expected of a person who enjoys helping others, Jenni Rivera was not interested in getting credit for her altruistic actsBlanca pointed out.

Fans remember “La Diva de la Banda” fondly!

Despite the years, J
enni Rivera is going from being popular music to turning it into a regional classic; time does not erase his memory and the legacy he has left as an artist and as a person continues to touch the hearts of his loyal followers.



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