Jenni Rivera: Her most listened to songs nine years after her death


Jenni Rivera, one of the most beloved and influential singers in the music industry, passed away on a day like today but nine years ago. His early departure caused a deep void but The so-called “band diva” continues to be present in their musical legacy, that’s why today we remember the Most listened songs of this powerful performer.

Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra, the daughter of Mexican parents, was born in Long Beach, California. Latino roots and an upbringing with Mexican values ​​and traditions awakened in Jenni Rivera the taste for the band, Mexican regional genre born in Sonora.

“La diva” debuted on stage in 1992 but fue until 2000 when she became a singer and songwriter, thanks to the success “Las malandrinas”, a corrido present on the album “Que me entierren con la banda”.

From that moment to date, Jenni Rivera has remained in the hearts of the public, who more than once he felt his skin crawl with the powerful voice of the singer.

Jenni Rivera: the most listened to songs

“The best I can wish you is that things go bad for you,” says “the diva” in one of her first most popular songs: “Unforgettable”, 2007 hit and written by the composer Espinoza Paz.

“Mariposa de Barrio” is song number 26 from the album “Mi vida loca”, published in 2007. This title also gives its name to the biographical series of “La gran Señora”, produced by Netflix.

Released in 2011 within the album “Jewellery prests“, Jenni Rivera permeated this song, written by Marco Antonio Solis, with its own essence. “And I will cry until one day I can no longer remember you,” says the lyrics.

Would you be in a smuggling relationship? Then Jenni Rivera did not hesitate provoke with this song released in 2005 and positioned at number three on the album: “Party Girl, Rebel and Daring“.

This song, found by chance by Juan Rivera, Jenni’s brother, was released by the singer’s family in 2019. Produced in banda and mariachi, “Apparently well” has more than 61,754 views on Youtube.

How did Jenni Rivera die?

On December 9, 2012, Jenni Rivera was reported deceased after a terrible plane crash. His early departure shocked his fans and the general public, who today continue to search for his powerful music.



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