“It is a world where heaven, earth, and people live in harmony, so you have to be considerate.”


A family photo to commemorate the baby’s 100th anniversary. From left, maternal grandfather Ho-cheon Choi, father Min-woo Jeong, mother Hae-nim Choi, and grandmother Lee Jeong-hwa. Courtesy of Ho-Chun Choi

They married in November 1983 and have two daughters. She shares special memories with her two daughters. In 2002, I received a one-year research year at my university and went to Saga University in Japan as a foreign guest researcher. In Saga Prefecture in the northern part of the Kyushu region, the eldest daughter attended Kitago 3rd grade, and the youngest daughter attended the 3rd year of junior high school. At that time, there were no foreigners in the two schools, and although the children were not good at Japanese, they adapted well to the difficult course and completed it safely. Nearly 20 years have passed, but I am still in touch with many Japanese people I met at that time. Now, the eldest daughter is teaching a design major at university, and the youngest daughter is working in Tokyo. The eldest daughter got married in 2017 at the age of 33. It is like having a son (son-in-law) in our house. Last year, after three years, the long-awaited new family member was born again. My last name was ‘Luca’. I was worried about the situation of fear that the coronavirus is spreading all over the world. How frightened was the daughter and son-in-law who were raising children in the womb? I was just asking, “Be careful, and be careful again.” After spending 10 months anxiously like this, Luca came out safely.

A photo of baby Jeong Seo-ho's 100th day.  Courtesy of Ho-Chun Choi

A photo of baby Jeong Seo-ho’s 100th day. Courtesy of Ho-Chun Choi

Last August 10 at 12:42 pm. The only grandchild, Seo-ho Jeong, was born. What a thrill this is! Another happy anniversary that should not be forgotten and must be remembered!! The day a person was born into the world is called a birthday. There is also the word “birth” in the past, but it was used to refer to the birth of an adult or noble person in honor of birth, but now it is commonly used. There is nothing more noble in the world than this, so I think the most exalted word should be used. In the meantime, I kept all the branches of the plum tree, but from the day I heard the news of the pregnancy, I trimmed the branches and started making fish. With the meaning of taking responsibility for what one has to do, living hard, growing up healthy and becoming a creative person needed in the world, I made a mobile work in which a fish flies in the sky and prepared it as a birthday gift. The wife, who became a grandmother, carefully made various items that her grandchildren would use, such as inner wraps, outer wraps, belly jackets, bibs, hats, diaper bags, and blankets with quilts.

A fish mobile made by Choi Ho-chun as a gift for his grandson Jeong Jeong-ho's baby for 100 days.  Courtesy of Ho-Chun Choi

A fish mobile made by Choi Ho-chun as a gift for his grandson Jeong Jeong-ho’s baby for 100 days. Courtesy of Ho-Chun Choi

Day by day, we realize that the relationship with our grandchildren, who is already deeply entrenched in our hearts, is another joy of experiencing a new life. Time flew like lightning, and November 17th marked the 100th. Whispering, smiling broadly, crying out loud, all the actions are the most beautiful in the world. Seoho-ya, there is a story called ‘three beans’ to tell you. Once upon a time, grandfather and grandson were planting beans in the field.​ When the grandson dug a hole in the soil, the grandfather put three beans and covered it with soil.​ The grandson was behaving strangely and said, “Grandpa, one bean in one hole. You only put in the eggs, why are you putting in three eggs?” Grandpa replied with a smile. “That way, birds in the sky eat one egg, worms that live on the ground eat one egg, and when the other egg grows, humans eat it.” This is a story that contains the wisdom of our ancestors to live with consideration for each other in a world where the three powers of heaven, earth, and human are harmonious. I hope that you too will study the field you like and become a person who helps many people. “Seoho! Since you were born into my family, my maternal grandmother and grandfather are happy every day.”
Yongin / Grandfather Hocheon Choi

Waiting for the manuscript. remembers the shareholders and readers who sold stone rings and raised stock in the name of the child when it was launched on May 15, 1988. Celebrating their 34th year, these children are becoming parents. In the age of low birth, every new life is so precious. ‘Congratulations’ will be a gift and a memory given to the protagonists who will open a new world. Parents, as well as family, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors can all send congratulatory messages along with photos by e-mail. Hankyoreh Shareholders Correspondent ([email protected]) or People Team ([email protected]).


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