“Give up marriage and children”… After 50 years, the productive population will decrease by 1/3


Depopulation is really serious. Statistics show that the population will decrease by 90,000 for the first time this year as the population is declining faster than initially expected.

The main reason is that an increasing number of young people are giving up on marriage and childbirth, as reported by reporter Jo Ki-ho.

Choi Ji-hye, 37, had a lot of problems until she got married earlier this year.

[최지혜/전문직 종사자 : 경제적인 안정이 뒷받침된 후에야 결혼에 대해 욕심을 내볼 수 있다고 생각했습니다.]

Having a child is still undecided.

[최지혜/전문직 종사자 : 출산 문제는 더욱이 두 사람만의 일은 아니라고 생각합니다. 사회적인 제도나 정책적인 뒷받침 없이 친정어머니나 시어머니의 희생을 뒷받침으로 여성들이 직장일을 하는 사회적인 구조가 고쳐지지 않는 한….]

Worries like Mr. Choi are revealed in statistics.

First of all, the number of people getting married has decreased by nearly 20% compared to five years ago.

Even if they get married, one in two newlyweds is giving up having children.

As a result, not only will the overall population decrease, but it is predicted that the number of working-age people who support the economy through work will decrease by 20 million in 50 years.

Now, one person in this age group works to support 0.4 seniors and children, but a baby born this year will be responsible for 1.2 people alone in 50 years.

[김진석/서울여대 사회복지학 교수 : 다음 세대의 숫자가 줄어든다는 건 그만큼 그 세대가 부양해야 하는 사람의 비율이 늘어난다는 거고, 사회적 부담이 늘어난다는 걸 의미하는 거고요. 사회 서비스 영역도 그렇고, 기본적인 사회 재생산의 문제가 위협을 받고 있는 거니까요.]

The government expects young people to have delayed marriages and children once they get out of the corona situation.

However, as the situation could not be reversed even after spending more than 200 trillion won in response to the low birth rate, the government must urgently come up with measures to maintain the working population, including extending the retirement age.


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