French film director Luc Besson’s sexual assault case closed


▲ Luc Besson

The investigation into French film director Luc Besson, who was accused of sexually assaulting an actor, has been closed, AFP news agency reported, citing a source.

Director Besson is well known for his works such as ‘Leon’ and ‘The Fifth Element’.

Actor Sande van Roy (31), who appeared in a minor role in his film ‘Taxi 5’, sued director Besson for rape in May 2018.

Prosecutors closed their investigation in February 2019 on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence, but began a new investigation later that year as Van Roy raised additional charges.

Besson admitted to dating Van Roy, but insisted there was no sexual assault.

Nine women, including Van Roy, allege that Besson had sexually assaulted him, which Besson denies.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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