Beauty mishap: Ashley Graham’s son accidentally knocks out a veneer


Ashley Graham
Beauty mishap – her son accidentally knocks out a veneer

Ashley Graham in New York City

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Ashley Graham always looks almost perfect. We know from her a healthy complexion, great curves and a flawless toothpaste smile. But this Tobe attack with her son took away her smile – or at least one tooth.

Ashley Graham, 34, is not only a hip American model, but also a full-time mom. And when she is not posing in front of various cameras, then she romps around with her firstborn Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin.

When playing, things can get a bit high, as Ashley reports on Instagram. A small incident on Wednesday evening cost the plus-size model a tooth. The photo that the 34-year-old posted in her story shows her otherwise perfect smile from a different angle. Instead of a beautiful incisor, there is a small tooth stump, in the place of which a veener usually sits. Ashley takes the mishap with humor and writes in her story about the post: “Isaac gave me a head butt and my tooth broke out. Happy stubby day!”

Ashley Graham: Your son accidentally knocks out a veneer for her

Ashley Graham with a missing veneer in her Instagram story


The dark side of a perfect smile

What the model takes with humor here throws a different light on the seemingly perfectly natural world of the models and it-girls. Because what looks terrifyingly painful and, above all, unnatural at first glance, is not so unusual in the Hollywood star scene. Veeners are the names of the artificial teeth that many celebrities (also in Germany) have their natural teeth tinkered with.

Once veneers = always veneers

What Ashley Graham uploaded on her Instagram story shows the truth behind the beauty trend. In order to have veneers put on, the natural tooth has to be ground down. Hollywood stars have their teeth worked in a complex process until only a kind of pin is left of them, on which the wrong, perfect tooth is then placed. Not an investment for life, but a decision for life. Because once the tooth is a stub, it will be for the rest of life! One time veneers therefore clearly always means veneers.

Perfection has its price

Of course, all the fun has its price. Basically, you need around 12 to 16 teeth for the Hollywood smile à la Ashley Graham, eight at the top and eight at the bottom. The price for a single veneer in Germany is an average of 500-1000 euros.

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