Beauty gifts: cheap ideas for everyone


Beauty gifts
Cheap ideas for everyone

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Are you looking for a few gifts for your loved ones? We have some ideas for great beauty gifts that are guaranteed to make eyes light up when unpacking and enjoying.

Creams, face masks or … beauty gifts are always popular – both with the giver and the recipient. The latter can be happy that you can break out of the usual beauty routine with the new product in your beauty cabinet and try something new. Most of the time, you always use the same products yourself. And as a gift giver, you can be sure that a beauty gift will always be well received – provided you know a little about the preferences of your loved ones when it comes to beauty care.

We have a few gift ideas for mothers, girlfriends or men in the family that you are sure to be spot on. For every occasion and also for the small budget.

Beauty gifts for mom

body lotion

Almost everyone puts on some cream at least once in a while after a shower. With the body lotion “Lait Corporel Anti-Dessechant” from Biotherm is always right. It is now something of a classic among beauty gifts. The light milk smooths the skin, builds up its natural protective film and protects its natural elasticity. It smells slightly lemony and therefore also has a refreshing effect. At the same time, however, the scent is so subtle that it doesn’t cover up your own perfume – an important criterion for many.

Silk pillows

It has been known for many years: Sleeping on one Silk pillows is much better for our beauty than the old cotton pillowcase. Reason: The silk does not remove nearly as much moisture from the skin and hair at night as cotton does. You wake up less tangled and wrinkled. In the long term, sleeping on a pillow with a silk cover is said to have a real anti-aging effect. In addition, silk has an antibacterial effect. So skin blemishes don’t stand a good chance. Even house dust mites don’t feel so comfortable in silk for a long time. If your mother has never indulged in something like this, then you can make a nice surprise with a silk pillow – for the beauty.

Beauty gifts for girlfriend

Hemp beauty care

Beauty care with hemp is the absolute trend right now. No wonder: hemp seed extract nourishes the skin, supplies it with moisture and seals it in. This is ensured by many vitamins that occur naturally in the plant. This Hanf-Beauty-Set from Vitablossom is the ideal way to try cannabis for your own beauty care of skin and hair. The 12 small beauty gifts are also beautifully packaged. A real eye-catcher.

Face mask

The money is usually enough for a small bag of face mask from the drugstore. Only a few treat themselves to an expensive mask. How about giving your best friend a really nice face mask that she might not have allowed herself? the “Drink Up Overnight Hydrating Mask” with avocado, apricot kernel oil and glacier water from Origins is a small luxury beautifier and a great gift.

Beauty gifts for men

3-in-1 care

Many men often do not want to be held up by beauty care for so long. For everyone who wants to give such a copy, we may have the right beauty gift here: A 3-in-1 Bodywash-Showergel from Brickell, which can be used for skin, hair and face. Everything goes quickly in the shower and it smells wonderful (three different fragrances are available) – a gift that is fun and practical.


The most beautiful are the beauty gifts that promise a luxury that you would not otherwise indulge in. Most men tend to resort to the common shaving products that are available in the drugstore. No wonder, because they are cheap and usually quite good. That “After Shave Balm Sandalwood” of “The Art of Shaving” is something very special. The balm with shea butter, grape seed extract and jojoba oil not only makes the skin super soft after the shave, it also helps against razor burn and smells wonderfully of sandalwood. The hydration through the balm lasts up to eight hours, which means: the skin has enough time to relax again after shaving, skin irritations, pimples and a feeling of tightness have a bad chance.

Shower aromas

And finally, a present for everyone who wants to have it quickly and still want to bring a little wellness feeling into their everyday life: That “Waltz7 shower bomb set”. The shower tabs in different aromas are simply placed on the floor of the shower, from where they exude their soothing scent – the ideal little wellness break. Incidentally, this is not only a great beauty gift for men, women also enjoy such a change in the shower.

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