Another victory in court


Britney Spears
Another victory in court

Britney Spears can now take care of her estate herself.

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Britney Spears has won another court victory. A judge ruled that she was allowed to sign certain contracts again.

And again Britney Spears (40) is a little further on her journey to complete freedom: In a first hearing after the official end of her 14-year guardianship, a judge promised her further autonomy. That reports among other things “Deadline”. The Los Angeles court sealed estate documents for Spears and also gave her the power to sign financial contracts on her own estate.

Her lawyer previously said that his client “as an independent woman who is no longer under a guardianship” deserves the right to sign such documents herself. Since 2008, such matters have been taken over by her father, Jamie Spears. Another hearing is due to be held on January 19th regarding Spears’ current estate regulations.

On November 12, the guardianship ended

After Spears’ mental breakdown in 2007, a court placed her under her father’s tutelage. On November 12, 2021, this state of affairs was declared over after a long legal tug of war.


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