Anna-Maria Ferchichi: Are you and husband Bushido already planning the next offspring?


Anna-Maria Ferchichi
More kids? Bushido’s wife has clear ideas

Anna-Maria Ferchichi and Bushido


Anna-Maria Ferchichi is in the seventh triplet heaven. But can the now eight-time mother and wife of rapper Bushido imagine even more children? She has a clear opinion on this.

In the house of Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 40, and rapper Bushido, 43, there has been even more hustle and bustle since the birth of their triplets Leonora, Naima and Amaya almost a month ago. The couple now have seven children together and Anna-Maria has eight children. Their eldest son Montry, 19, comes from their first marriage to Pravit Anantapongse.

Can the sister of singer Sarah Connor, 41, imagine even more offspring in the midst of this baby chaos? A fan asked her this question on Instagram – to which Anna-Maria responded with a clear answer.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi on the question of the next generation: “Oh, please …”

It is a simple request that creates a definite response. Bushido’s wife probably doesn’t even know where her head is at the moment. A picture in her Instagram story shows her giving bottles at the same time. “Impressive”, the viewer of the snapshot might think. But Anna-Maria writes – at least with a tearful laughing emoji: “Always one hand too little”. The help of her nanny and her husband is probably sorely needed.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi: More children?  Bushido's wife has clear ideas


The newly minted eight-time mother still took the time for a fan question round – between baby diaper and bottle piece work. One of their 330,000 followers wanted to know whether Bushido and Anna-Maria-Ferchichi would like to have “more children”. The 40-year-old’s prompt and extremely clear answer leaves no room for speculation. She writes: “Oh, please don’t” and adds scared and overwhelmed emojis.

Anna-Maria’s complicated triplet pregnancy

The planning of the next generation at Ferchichi should be completed once and for all. Understandably, because Anna-Maria’s triplet pregnancy was already characterized by complications.

In the first few weeks she had flash bleeding and later had long fears for the life of one of her girls. According to the medical team, things did not look good for their “problem child” at times, as Bushido revealed in an interview with “Bunte”.

He even wrote on Instagram in August that it could be “that we have to bury one of our unborn children”. Fortunately, everything went well and their third baby was discharged from the hospital just days after his siblings.

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