Adele: After this question, employees have to worry about their jobs


Employees of the singer are not allowed to ask this question

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Adele enchants the masses with her extraordinary voice. In the coming year she will even get her own show in Las Vegas. But an insider now reveals how the singer should behave backstage towards her employees.

Adele, 33, couldn’t get any better. On October 15, 2021, she returned with the single “Easy On Me” and gave millions of fans goose bumps. Recently she even graced two “Vogue” covers. But has her success gone to the multiple Grammy winner’s head now? An insider reported to the news magazine “Life & Style” that the British singers backstage can sometimes let the diva hang out.

Adele: You should have high demands on your team

From the beginning of next year Adele can be seen in Las Vegas in “The Colosseum” of Caesars Palace. The “Someone Like You” singer is planning a permanent show entitled “Weekends with Adele”. But it should have pretty high standards. An insider revealed to “Life & Style” that the pop star wanted to sleep in a villa for the equivalent of 22,000 euros a night during his 12-week residence in Las Vegas.

“Adele requires a private chef and entourage to follow her and get whatever she needs – even in the middle of the night,” the source claims. In addition, she always wanted to have 100 bottles of carbonated water, chamomile and honey tea, and her favorite red wine in her cloakroom. There is one thing that employees even have to worry about for their jobs.

Employees of the British singer are not allowed to ask this question

Anyone who asks Adele for an autograph or photo is said to be fired immediately. “Lots of people expect Adele to be fun and laid-back. But she’s one of the toughest celebs to hit the strip – and that means something,” another insider said. Serious allegations. Only Adele’s employees know whether they are really true.

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