“Why are you talking to another woman?” 20-year-old woman stabbed by boyfriend


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A woman in her 20s who tried to kill her boyfriend by wielding a weapon in an outrage after having a friendly conversation with another woman was also sentenced to prison in the appeals court.

The Seoul High Court Chuncheon Tribunal’s Criminal Division 1 (Chief Judge Park Jae-woo) announced today (5th) that 24-year-old A, who was charged with attempted murder, was sentenced to three years in prison, the same as the original trial.

A was handed over to trial on the morning of May 3rd on the charge of stabbing B’s chest with a knife at her boyfriend’s 28-year-old B’s house in Wonju-si.

Earlier, while drinking alcohol with Mr. B at a nearby pub, Mr. B touched the hand of the hostess he saw for the first time and had a friendly conversation.

After the crime, Mr. A called 911 on his own to ask for ambulance, and Mr. B, who had shed a lot of blood, was put into cardiac arrest and managed to resuscitate.

Person A, who stood in the courtroom, denied the intent to kill, saying, “I couldn’t contain my anger at Mr. B’s words to stab him.”

The second trial court ruled, “If treatment is delayed even a little, there is a great risk that the victim may lose their life, and the quality of the crime is bad.”


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