Who plays Adam Raczek’s former colleague?


“Police call 110: Hermann”
Who plays Adam Raczek’s former colleague?

“Polizeiruf 110: Hermann”: Chief Detective Alexandra Luschke (Gisa Flake) supports the investigation.

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In “Polizeiruf 110: Hermann” Adam Raczek receives support from Alexandra Luschke. How do you know the actress?

In the new case “Polizeiruf 110: Hermann” (December 5th, the first), Adam Raczek (Lucas Gregorowicz, 45) investigates for the first time without Olga Lenski (Maria Simon, 45). The commissioner does not have to solve the murder of civil engineer Daniela Nowak alone. The investigation leads him to Cottbus, where he teams up with his former colleague Alexandra Luschke. The tough commissioner is embodied by Gisa Flake (36). The actress is a real all-rounder and should look familiar to comedy fans in particular.

Appearances in bully films and comedy shows

Gisa Flake was born in Braunschweig in 1985 and began her acting training after graduating from the Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding, which she successfully completed in 2010. Since then she has appeared in many TV and cinema productions.

In 2009 she made her film debut in Michael Bully Herbig’s (53) live version of the animated television series of the same name “Wickie und die stark Männer”. The 36-year-old also appeared as Tjure’s wife in the sequel “Wickie auf Große Fahrt” (2011). Just two years later, Flake worked again with Bully in the context of his sitcom “Bully macht Buddy” (2013) and took on one of the leading roles alongside Herbig and Rick Kavanian (50). Flake also showed her comedic talent in series such as “Pastewka” (2012) and “Jerks.” (2017) as well as in the ZDF satirical program “heute-show” (2021) and the sketch show “Queens of Comedy” (since 2021).

The world of crime novels is no longer alien to the artist either. In 2011 she stood for the Cologne “Tatort: ​​Unter Druck” together with Klaus J. Behrendt (61) and Dietmar Bär (60) in front of the camera. And as a clerk at Uhlmann, she was seen in the successful format “4 Blocks” in 2017. Since 2018 she has played Henni Gottschalk in the ZDF series “Ella Schön”. But Gisa Flake is not only successful as an actress: As a cabaret artist and singer, she also regularly travels around the country.



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