Tyra Banks: 48th birthday with a sexy photo and an important message


Tyra Banks
48th birthday with a sexy photo and an important message

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Tyra Banks is one of the absolute supermodels of the 90s. To this day, she is in public, but is no longer just a model. On her 48th birthday, the US beauty shares a swimsuit photo and an important message with her 6.8 million followers.

Tyra Banks, 48, is one of the most beautiful women in the world. But she has long since said goodbye to her model existence and all the reprisals that go with it. Her body has changed, she no longer starves herself down to size zero, which is unfortunately still the standard in the industry. Rather, she celebrates her curves – also on her 48th birthday, which she celebrated on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

Tyra Banks shows curvier bodies with an important message

Body positivity is a major concern of Tyra Banks. The model is committed to ensuring that every woman can – and should – feel good in her body! Because every woman’s body is beautiful, whether it’s size zero or curvy. Tyra herself has visibly more pounds on it than in the times when she made millions as a model. And she has no problem with that – on the contrary. On Instagram, she is now posting a photo on her 48th birthday in which she is posing in a swimsuit. On the thighs and hips it is rounder and softer than it was a few years ago, and the cleavage is well filled. Tyra is a naturally beautiful woman with curves. She writes about the photo: “It’s my BIRTHDAY! And every year my BODY keeps changing.”

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The 48-year-old has found a mantra for herself, according to which she can live healthily: “My body is full. And so is my mind.”

Much praise and encouragement for honest words

For her photo and her important message, Tyra Banks gets a lot of approval from her 6.8 million followers. Many send birthday greetings, but they also celebrate for their healthy attitude towards their bodies. “No matter what size you have, you are always beautiful,” writes a follower. Another leaves loving words of thanks: “I love the way you make us feel better.”

The supermodel ends her text with a joke. “On growing together, in more ways than one,” writes Tyra, certainly alluding to physical growth. Because the number on the scales doesn’t matter when it comes to being happy.

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