“To shoot a supercar”… People who rush to the dangerous race


Recently, so-called ‘carspotting’, which shoots a supercar running in the middle of downtown Seoul, is spreading like a fad. But the problem is that people who want to take a picture of the supercar are rushing to the top of the road, and they deliberately run further to show off the car.

Road laws are completely ignored by some car owners, and enforcement is not easy.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon covered the scene.

Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where high-end foreign car dealerships are concentrated.

People are lining up on the edge of India.

I am anxiously waiting for something with all kinds of shooting equipment, but when a foreign car drives with a roar, I get busy all at once.

People start to gather around lunch time on the weekend.

This is to do so-called ‘car spotting’, which is a compound word of car meaning car and spot meaning discovery.

[밤 8~9시까지는 있는 거 같아요, 사람들이. (보통 몇 대 정도 돌아다녀요?) 많을 때는 50~60대 정도.]

Young students also stand out.

[(취미로 하는 거예요?) 일주일에 한 번씩요, 일요일. (이거 찍으면 어디 올려요?) 네, 유튜브에다가요. 아, 두 대 다 놓쳤다.]

As a supercar passes by, he grabs the camera and runs.

A crossing without a crosswalk, the snow is fixed on the supercar, so it’s dangerous.

When rare supercars appear, they often jump into the driveway and occupy an entire lane.

Even the speeding of some vehicles can seem dangerous.

It doesn’t care about the speed limit in the city, and the huge exhaust sound quickly deafens your ears.

As if going around a circuit, he makes several U-turns and runs in the same section, making an exhaust sound as if in front of the camera.

Neighborhood residents and merchants are also seriously inconvenienced by people competing to shoot supercars, and some car owners sprinting down the road to show off their vehicles.

[배기음도 심하고 주민 신고도 많고. 저희 고객님들도 시끄럽다고 하시는 분들도 많고, 여기 사시는 분들도 많이 계시고 해서. 일단 저희도 상담을 하면 상담을 못해요, 슈퍼카들 소리 때문에….]

Although the police are frequently cracking down on violations of traffic laws in the section, damage is still there.

In particular, it is said that it is not easy to detect the problem of exhaust noise or road encroachment because it happens in a very short period of time, and because club members often share enforcement information with each other.

[(시속) 150~200km는 기본으로 달려요. 경찰들한테 신고 많이 하는데 신고할 때만 또 없어지고, (사람들이) 막 나가서 누워서도 사진 찍고 그래요. 횡단보도에서 차 대기하고 있을 때….]

The police say they are conducting regular crackdowns and guidance, and are in the position to deploy a hidden patrol car.

However, realistically, it is not easy to catch each one of them, so it seems necessary to actively crack down and make efforts to abide by traffic laws.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, VJ: Kim Jong-gap, screen source: YouTube ‘0620 FERRARI’)


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