The information of 44,000 people was leaked to a voice phishing organization… “Watch out for loan letters”


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It was discovered that the personal information of 44,000 people was leaked to the phone financial fraud (voice phishing) organization, and the police and the National Intelligence Service took action to prevent damage.

According to the Gangwon Police Agency on the 5th, the National Intelligence Service discovered that the personal information of about 44,000 Koreans was illegally collected using a ‘malicious app’ while tracking a foreign cybercriminal organization.

As this fact was revealed during a joint investigation between the Gangwon Police and the National Intelligence Service, the police decided to send a warning text message to those exposed to telephone financial fraud crimes to prevent damage.

A police official said, “It is a phone financial scam to ask for money for the purpose of repaying an existing loan, saying that a financial institution will provide a loan, or an investigative agency asking for money,” he said.

The police plan to actively cooperate with the National Intelligence Service to trace the path through which personal information is illegally collected and distributed, and to track down phone financial fraud organizations that operate call centers abroad.

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