The 6 worst looks of the stars at the Cairo Film Festival


03:00 pm

Sunday 05 December 2021

I wrote – Asmaa Morsi:

Art stars always get used to appearing attractive while attending the activities of the 43rd Cairo Film Festival, but some looks were unsuccessful.

In the following report, we review the worst looks of art stars, according to what Lebanese fashion critic Elie Hanna said on his Instagram page.

– Nelly Karim:

The appearance of the artist, Nelly Karim, was unsuccessful, because the dress is not suitable for her and the fabric is very thick and old, in addition to the fact that the dress made her wide, worthy (2/10).

– Yusra:

Elie mentioned that the dress of the artist Yousra is not suitable for her, as it resembles a dance suit, but the hair and makeup are good, she deserves (5, 5/10).

– Nadia El-Gendy:

The design of the dress of the artist Nadia Al-Jundi is crowded, unsuccessful and too long, in addition to the fact that the shoes were also unsuccessful, she deserves (1,5/10).

– Elham Shaheen:

Hanna believes that the look of the artist, Ilham Shaheen, is disappointing, and that she showed her extra weight because of the layers and ruffles in it, and that the dress was sewed by a novice and clumsy designer.

– Mona Zaki:

According to the Lebanese critic, the problem with the dress, if it existed, would have become better, which is the line at the waist area, as it is lower and better to be higher, in order to become more beautiful, it deserves (8.25/10).

Jamila Awad:

Hanna also sees, that the dress of the artist, Jamila Awad, is very bad, its tailoring is not good, its design is not perfect, it does not fit her, the fabric and the chest style are unsuccessful, the gloves are L size and her hands are S size, and the shoes are unsuccessful, they deserve (1.5/10).

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