The 28 offenders said they “repent”, but… What was the crime punishable by imprisonment?


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An appeals court sentenced a 40-year-old woman in her 40s who repeatedly abused her middle school daughter, drove a car while intoxicated, and destroyed property at the administrative welfare center.

The 2nd part of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Cheongju District Court (Chief Judge Oh Chang-seop) overturned the original sentence of two years in prison for 49-year-old A, who was handed over to the trial on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act (child abuse), violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving), and damaging public property. It was announced today (5th) that he had been ordered to complete a child abuse treatment program of one year and six months in prison and 40 hours.

Person A is accused of habitual abuse for 6 years, including indiscriminately assaulting her middle school daughter at her residence in Sangsang-gu, Cheongju-si in 2019, saying she did not know the password for her bankbook.

He also went to the local administrative welfare center and said, “Give me your mother’s contact information.”

After the first trial, Mr. A appealed to reduce the sentence, claiming that “I deeply reflect. I did not know how to properly discipline my daughter in the process of raising my daughter alone.”

However, the second trial judge sentenced him to prison sentence, saying, “Even though Mr. A has been punished 28 times so far, there is a high risk of repeating the crime, and severe punishment should be given considering the fact that he caused physical pain to the victim.”

However, the court explained the background of the sentence commutation, saying, “I reflected on Mr.

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