Supreme Court confirms suspension of sentences for Muslims over ‘French embassy intimidation flyer’


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French Embassy in Korea. data photo

‘Do not insult Muslims’ ‘Whoever points a sword at us will be killed by the sword’. On November 1, last year, around 10 pm, on the wall of the French Embassy in Seoul, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, and a nearby officetel building, an A4-size English leaflet containing this information and a photo of French President Emmanuel Macron’s face with an X mark were posted. In October of last year, in Paris, France, a middle school history teacher was killed by a young Islamic extremist after showing a satirical cartoon of Muhammad in class for a discussion on ‘freedom of expression’. In the same month, an Islamic extremist killed a woman in her 70s with a knife in a cathedral in Nice, France. President Macron closed some mosques because of these incidents. Anti-French protests have spread, with Muslims around the world burning pictures of President Macron. The investigative agency arrested Mr. A, a Russian citizen, and Mr. B, a Kyrgyz national, on charges of intimidating and intimidating foreign envoys. A and others were found to have acted like this out of anger at the thought that President Macron was ignoring Muslims. The first trial judged only the charges of intimidation and sentenced them to six months in prison and one year of probation. “In order to be convicted of intimidation against the French ambassador, the foreign envoy, the threat must be specific and direct against the French ambassador,” he said, but that was not the case. In the second trial, the sentence was commuted by deferring the sentence of a fine of 3 million won each. “As a Muslim, it seems that the intention to convey the meaning of protest against the actions of the French president was the priority. I am expressing my apologies to the victims, and I have not committed any crimes while living in Korea for three years.” The second division of the Supreme Court (Chief Justice Cho Jae-yeon) also announced on the 6th that it had confirmed the original decision. By Jeon Kwang-jun, staff reporter [email protected]

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