Skip the promotional expenses and use it as a model for a supplier employee… Seven TV home shopping sites caught


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The Fair Trade Commission has discovered that seven TV home shopping operators have been abused by handing over sales promotion costs to suppliers.

From January 2015 to June 2020, the Fair Trade Commission issued a correction order and fines 41 It was announced today (5th) that 460 million won would be imposed.

According to the FTC investigation result, 6 companies including GS SHOP passed all the cost of free gifts to the vendor without making an agreement with the vendor on the sharing of promotional expenses. Without a written agreement, the supplier dispatched employees to bear the labor costs, and then used them as broadcast guests, demonstration models, and audiences.

In principle, the Large-scale Distribution Business Act prohibits large-scale distributors from using the supplier’s employees, but allows them to be dispatched only when exceptional conditions are met, such as when a written agreement on dispatch conditions is made in advance.

It was investigated that Hyundai Home Shopping did not pay the work cost after entrusting the supplier with the work of repackaging the directly purchased product for sale when it was damaged, and Home & Shopping did not pay the logistics cost among the cost of quality product.

GS SHOP unreasonably returned the inventory of direct purchase products to the supplier even without justifiable reasons such as product defects. limited.

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