“Severe punishment and identity of perpetrators of gang assault on foreign female middle school students”


A public petition has been filed urging the students to be severely punished and their identities disclosed for the gang assault of foreign nationality female middle school students in Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do.

On the 5th, on the bulletin board of the national petition, an article was posted, ‘We urge strong punishment and disclosure of the identity of the four perpetrators of tying up a foreign nationality female middle school student and gang-assaulting them for 6 hours.’

The petitioner claimed, “Four middle school students of the same age who assaulted and abused a foreign nationality girl were arrested by the police.”

“After a strong investigation, we request strong punishment and the disclosure of the identity of these four perpetrators,” he added.

This post has so far received 170,000 likes.

Yangsan Police Station sent two middle school students to the prosecution on charges of joint assault under the Act on Punishment of Violence and Others.

The other two were juveniles under law (criminal minors, between the ages of 10 and 14), so they were handed over to the Ulsan District Court Juvenile Division.

These four people are accused of gang violence, such as forcing a Mongolian student victim to drink alcohol for two to three hours from midnight on July 3 this year, and tying their hands and legs and slaps them several times in the cheek.


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