Sejong Jochiwon-eup 2-story building burnt down… “It spreads from the 1st floor junk shop”


A two-story building in Nam-ri, Jochiwon-eup, Sejong-si, was completely burned down today (the 5th) around 6:10 pm.

According to the Sejong Fire Station, five people living on the second floor, who are family members, suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital in the fire.

Two teenage children each suffered second-degree burns to the ear and lacerations to their legs, and the remaining three were said to have only inhaled smoke.

A firefighter official said, “The severity of the injuries was not serious, so they were all classified as minor.”

The fire started at a junk yard on the first floor, spread to the upper floors, burned the entire building, and was completely extinguished in about two hours and twenty minutes.

The fire department is investigating the exact cause of the fire and the extent of damage to property.

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