Roh Jae-seung and Park Joo-sun as the People’s Power Joint Election Committee Chairman… Ham Ik-byeong withdraws


People’s Power has nominated Roh Jae-seung, who became a hot topic on social media during the Seoul mayor’s by-election in April, and former National Assembly Vice-Chairman Park Joo-seon as the co-election committee chairman.

‘Beanie’ (a type of hat, ‘beanie’, a compound word of ‘bonjwa’ meaning a person with great ability) Mr. Roh Jae-seung got on a car in the Seoul mayor’s by-election while wearing a beanie and gave a speech at a public campaign supporting Oh Se-hoon’s then-candidate. As a result, she rose to stardom on social media.

Former Vice-Chairman Park Joo-seon, a senior in Honam, has publicly supported Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol from the beginning of the primary election process.

People’s Strength also appointed dermatologist Ham Ik-byeong as the co-election chairperson, but when controversial remarks were raised in the past, the appointment process was abruptly suspended, and the appointment was eventually withdrawn.

Ham said, “I think that women should exercise only 30,000 rights because they do not have the duty of national defense.” “It is also one dog that dictatorship is unconditionally bad. The purpose of politics is to make the greatest number of people the happiest. It has caused controversy by remarks such as “finding

Lee Yang-soo, senior spokesperson for the election committee, said in a text message on the night of the 5th, “The appointment of joint election chairperson Ham Ik-byeong announced today was withdrawn after the election committee reviewed the issues raised in the media and discussed it with me.”

In addition, three-term lawmaker Kim Sang-hoon and re-elected lawmaker Lee Ja were jointly appointed as the head of the general function division, which became vacant due to the resignation of former lawmaker Kim Seong-tae.

Former Chief of Staff Lim Tae-hee, who served as the chief of staff during the Lee Myung-bak administration, was appointed as the head of the General Situation Headquarters, who will be in charge of the work of General Election Commissioner Kim Jong-in.

The General Situation Headquarters will be in charge of organic coordination and solidarity among the organizations within the election committee, the People’s Power said.

It is known that re-elected lawmaker Lee Cheol-gyu will be the head of the general situation office, and Kyungnam University professor Kim Geun-sik will be the head of the strategic planning office, and will work together with the general election chairman Kim.

Aside from the Policy Headquarters, which is one of the 6 Headquarters, a Policy Office was also established within the Candidate Secretariat.

Lee Yang-soo, senior spokesperson for the presidential election committee, explained, “The policy headquarters is in charge of policies such as promises in a broad framework, and the policy office in the candidate’s secretary’s office is separate because policy-related parts are important such as candidate messages and interviews.”

Kang Seok-hoon, former chief economic officer of the Blue House, as the policy director in the candidate’s office, Lee Sang-min, lawyer in the secretariat, Park Sung-hoon, Busan City’s special economic adviser, and Kim Hyun-suk, former chief of employment and welfare of the Blue House, were named as policy members in the secretariat.

Former chiefs Kang Seok-hoon and Kim Hyun-sook served in the Park Geun-hye government’s Blue House.

Hwang Gyu-hwan, a former official on duty at the Secretariat, was also appointed as the spokesperson for the election.

It was decided to establish a new middle class and low-income economic committee within the election committee, and to appoint first-elected lawmaker Hong Seok-jun as the chairperson.

Yeom Yeom, who served as a spokesperson for Jun-pyo Hong’s camp during the primary election process, will serve as the co-head of the youth headquarters.

Jang Ye-chan, a current affairs critic, who served as a youth special adviser for the Yun candidate camp during the primary election, is scheduled to work with Rep. Yeo as the co-head of the youth headquarters.

When asked whether former lawmaker Geum Tae-seop also joined the predecessor, Lee said, “I saw it through the media, but it looks like there is a possibility.” “I don’t know what’s going on,” he said.

Previously, Kim Jong-in, who served as the general election chairman, said that former member Tae-seop Geum would join the election campaign.

(Picture=YouTube right sound capture, Yonhap News)

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