Report “someone is down”… Turns out the driver was hit


In the early morning of the 5th, a report was received that a man fell on the road in Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. However, when the police investigated, it was revealed that the person who reported the report was not a witness, but the driver who drove the car and hit the man.

Reporter Choi Seon-gil, what happened.

In the dark night, an ambulance rushes through the alleyway, followed by a patrol car.

At around 2:20 a.m. today, a report was received by the police that a man had collapsed on the road behind a residential area in Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do.

The victim was later taken to the hospital, but eventually died.

[이웃 주민 : (일행 중에) 한 사람이 없어져서 찾아보니까 골목길에 쓰러져 있어서 그때 발견했다고….]

The first reporter was a woman in her 20s who was at the scene of the accident.

The police said that Mr. A had initially stated that he had found a person who had fallen while driving a car and reported it.

However, as a result of analyzing nearby CCTVs, it was revealed that Mr. A was not a witness, but the driver who drove the car and hit the victim, a police official said.

The police saw that A was trying to hide the fact that he had caused the accident, and this morning arrested him on a hit and run charge.

The front part of the car was squashed out of shape.

At around 4 am today, a car driven by a man in his 20s collided with the structure in front of the Namsan Tunnel 3 tollgate in Seoul.

The man’s blood alcohol level, measured at the scene, is known to be at the level of license revocation.

There have also been maritime accidents.

The Coast Guard rescued 12 passengers who were trapped in a fishing boat with a malfunctioning engine in the waters near Boryeong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do at around 12:20 pm today. Rescued.

(Video coverage: In Pil-seong, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, screen provided: Boryeong Maritime Police Station)

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