Repeatedly “difficult” in safety that costs money… full-time employment? only hope


Has the power plant changed in 3 years?
“Subcontractors get head lanterns, but it’s still half a year”
Unmanned camel recovery facility, safety fence, etc.
Some improvements have been made, but the hierarchy of subcontractors and subcontractors remains
I can’t even get supplies for a month or two on time

“If the safety required at the site is 100%,
In reality, only 20% of it is met.”

The party government said, “We will soon complete full-time employment”…
Fuel/environment operator, direct employment letter missing
KEPCO Industrial Development’s republican films also ‘in place’
“If you can’t stand it, you can set a precedent”

Follow-up procedures are lengthy and only non-regular workers are mass produced
The structure of wage sharing, such as labor costs, remains the same.

In December 2018, an on-site investigation was held on the death of a non-regular worker at the Taean Thermal Power Plant by Kim Yong-gyun, reenacting a worker attempting to enter through a narrow gap to clear the ammunition. After Kim Yong-gyun’s death, some facilities were improved, including the introduction of unmanned camel recovery facilities and water washing equipment for the removal of camels. Provided by the Taean Thermal Power Citizens Countermeasures Committee

“The facilities have improved, but the status of subcontractors remains.” The workers summarized the changes that came to the thermal power plant after the death of Kim Yong-gyun (hereafter Kim Yong-gyun). The safety facility deficiencies pointed out at the time of the accident have been addressed to some extent, but the hierarchical structure of subcontractors and subcontractors that led them into accidents is still there. ■ ♣️ 6 months to get H4s head lantern ♣️]All five power generation companies have improved the facilities for the camel treatment process that occurred 3 years ago. An unmanned camel recovery facility and water washing equipment were introduced to the work that workers used to do alone. A safety fence was installed in the section of the conveyor belt where there is a risk of getting caught. In order to keep up with the rate of ammunition accumulation, a worker must still carry a shovel and enter the inspection gate, but in that case, the principle was set to stop the equipment. However, the hierarchy between the main subcontractor and the subcontractor and the resulting safety blind spots still exist. For example, in December 2018, Kim Yong-gyun, who was three months into the company, did not receive a head lantern and had an accident while illuminating the inside of the inspection gate with the light of his cell phone. give. A worker at the Taean Thermal Power Plant said, “There is a meeting called ‘830 meetings’ every morning. Here, simple requests are granted, but we often get answers that it is difficult because of the high cost of requesting to adjust the amount of work due to the additional installation of a camel recovery facility or the shutdown of the facility,” he said. He added, “If the safety level required at the site is 100%, the actual satisfaction level is 20%.” ■ ♣️H4s3 years have passed but not full-time ♣️]Coal-fired power plant Special Labor Safety Investigation Committee (Special Task Force) to find out the truth about the death of Kim Yong-gyun and prevent recurrence saw it as a risk. Accordingly, it was ordered that the power plant fuel and environmental operation work be directly hired by the power plant, and the ordinary maintenance work, which is the power plant maintenance and repair work, should be republicized with KPS (KPS). The party government announced in February 2019 that it would “completely complete” the regularization of fuel and environmental facility operators in public institutions “as soon as possible. Regular maintenance workers were excluded from regularization at all. In addition, while making a plan to republicize KEPCO Industrial Development, which has already been privatized and listed as a KEPCO subsidiary, persuading shareholders to oppose it and working on a consultative body composed of workers, five power companies, and private experts entrusted all The government only opened a public institution steering committee to give KEPCO the right to purchase KEPCO Industrial Development shares in October last year. The equity transaction between KEPCO and the Freedom Federation, the major shareholder of KEPCO Industrial Development, has not yet been made. ■ ♣️H4s non-regular workers still wearing lab coats ♣️]While workers were waiting endlessly for regularization, the site was overflowing with non-regular workers. Korea Power Technology and KEPCO Industrial Development, which are subcontractors of the five power generation companies, hired 411 people to change the fuel and environment driving task, which occurred because Kim worked alone, into a two-person team. Many of them are ‘project contract workers’ who renew their contracts every few months. A subcontractor temporarily hired a subcontractor because he did not know when regularization would happen, but as the related procedures were delayed, the number of non-regular workers was mass-produced. The same is true for fuel and environmental drivers’ wages. Of the 5.22 million won that Korea Western Power paid for fuel operator labor to Korea Power Technology, a subcontractor three years ago, Kim Yong-gyun actually received 2.26 million won. In 2019, the government implemented the ‘Proper Labor Fee Payment Demonstration Project’, which required subcontractor workers to create separate labor account accounts, only for regular maintenance workers, but did not implement it for fuel operators because they were ‘subject to regularization’. If labor conditions are not improved, there will be no skilled workers left and the risk of industrial accidents will be increased. B, an incumbent worker at the Taean Thermal Power Plant, recently said, “The working environment is ridiculously poor, but the monthly salary was 2.2 million won, which was too low. The turnover rate has significantly decreased since the 2019 full-time employee conversion policy, but it is frustrating because there is no progress.” An official from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said in a phone call with the company, “We have discussed the idea of ​​paying fuel drivers to a separate account, but I understand that it is difficult because the process of becoming a full-time employee is in progress.” Regarding the delay in the discussion of regularization, he said, “It took a long time for the practical procedure.” Reporter Shin Da-eun and Park Tae-woo [email protected]

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