Prince William: Tears come to him in a new interview


Prince William
In a new interview, tears come to him

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In contrast to his brother Harry, Prince William has so far held back with emotional interviews. But in the conversation for a new podcast episode, the heir to the throne shows his very private side.

For the Apple podcast “Time to Walk” Prince William, 39, was interviewed while walking in the grounds of Sandringham, the estate of the British royal family in Norfolk. The conversation with him will be published on Monday, December 6, 2021.

Prince William: “It felt like a real family moment”

The heir to the throne reveals a song from his youth that has a very special meaning for him personally. “One of the songs that I remember very well […] and the one I still secretly enjoy today is Tina Turners, 82, ‘The Best’, “says Prince William.” Sitting in the back seat and singing it felt like a real family moment. “

Princess Diana († 36)

So Prince William comes to speak of his late mother, Princess Diana, † 36: “When Harry and I were in boarding school, my mother played all kinds of songs to dispel our fear of going back home. My mother sang during the Ride loudly, and we even got the police into the car, and they occasionally sang along. ” During this story, William should have tears, it is said in various British media reports.

“You sang and listened to music up to the school gate when you were dropped off, and then you realized that you were really going back to school. If I listen to the song now, it reminds me of those car trips and brings back memories of my mother “says the 39-year-old.

Princess Charlotte loves this song

Prince William also reveals that his daughter, Princess Charlotte, 6, prefers to listen to the hit “Waka Waka” by Shakira, 44. “One of the songs the kids love right now is Shakira’s Waka Waka. There is a lot of hip movement and a lot of disguise,” said William. “Charlotte in particular is running around in the kitchen, in her clothes and ballet clothes. She’s completely freaked out and Louis follows her and tries to do the same.”

He is “amazed” at how much his three children have inherited the family’s love for music. “Usually there is a heated argument between Charlotte and George in the morning about which song is played in the morning,” says Duchess Catherine, 39, husband, who is unusually open. But in order to maintain order in the Cambridge house, the two oldest children would have to take turns choosing music every morning.

If it were up to him, however, a special song would always echo through the speakers. “There is nothing better than listening to AC / DC – Thunderstruck on a Monday morning when you are still a little tired after the weekend and are trying to plunge into everyday life again,” says Prince William. “It absolutely wakes you up, puts you in the best possible mood for the week, and feels like you can take on anything and everything.”

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