Pope Francis: “Immigration must not be exploited politically”


Pope Francis, who is visiting Greece and Cyprus, has urged “stop exploitation of migrants for political purposes”.

According to foreign media such as Reuters, Pope Francis visited a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos on the 5th (local time) and said that “Europe has entered the age of walls and barbed wire”.

After visiting Lesbos for the first time in five years since 2016, the Pope visited several families in refugee camps.

“I was distressed to hear that some European leaders were trying to build walls and put up barbed wire to keep migrants out,” the Pope said.

“It is easy to provoke public opinion by using the fear of others,” Pope Francis said.

When the Pope visited a refugee camp on the island of Lesbos five years ago, he brought the family of three Syrian migrants to the Vatican to help them settle in.

The Pope traveled to Athens, Greece the day before after visiting Cyprus for 3 days and 2 nights on the 2nd-4th, and will stay in Greece for up to 6 days.

On a previous visit to Cyprus, the Pope will take 50 migrants to the Vatican to assist with resettlement.

Cyprus’ Interior Ministry said 10 of the 50 people Pope Francis was supposed to take with him were imprisoned on charges of illegal entry and two were held in the buffer zone between North and South Cyprus.

Cyprus is divided into the Greek-dominated Cyprus and the Turkey-protected Republic of Northern Cyprus, with a UN-managed buffer zone between the two borders.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)


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