[Pick] “I want to go out”… Australian woman set on fire in quarantine facility


▲ Fire scene in the hotel

In Australia, a woman who was quarantined in accordance with coronavirus quarantine rules set fire to an isolation facility to get out.

According to reports such as Australian media 7News, local police indicted Tessie and Mary Poe, who was in quarantine at the Pacific Hotel in Cairns, Queensland, Australia on charges of arson on the 28th of last month local time.

According to reports, Mary Po, who was being quarantined at the hotel, lit a fire under her bed around 7 am that day. There were two children, aged 10 and 11, in the room at the time.

The fire quickly spread from the top floor where Mary Po was staying, burning two rooms and damaging other rooms.

About 160 people staying at the hotel were evacuated from the fire, and fortunately, no one was injured.

▲The hotel fire scene

Mary Po was confirmed to have moved from Victoria to Queensland, which is considered to be the epicenter of the coronavirus in Australia, and was quarantined according to state quarantine guidelines.

However, Mary Po tried to leave the hotel without completing the specified quarantine period, and in the process, a collision with the hotel broke out and the door to the room was damaged.

A local police official said, “There was a conflict between the hotel and the woman, which became the seed of unhappiness.”

Local police have charged Mary Po with arson, and Mary Po’s children are said to be in police custody.

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(Photo = ‘9 News Australia’ YouTube capture)


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