Park Yong-jin “The success of politician Lee Jae-myung, the success process of a young politician”


Democratic Party lawmaker Park Yong-jin said, “The challenge shown by politician Jae-myung Lee, and the process of realizing his dream in a difficult environment, is a process of achievement that young politicians must pay close attention to.”

Rep. Park, who is the permanent chairman of the Democratic Party’s election committee for youth and future politics, said at a meeting with 20 young politicians, including young local lawmakers from the Democratic Party, at the National Assembly Hall on the afternoon of the 5th, saying, “The election of Candidate Lee is new to the younger generation. It is a political arena and opportunity,” he said.

Rep. Park pointed out, “In the last local elections, about 400 young people entered the local council,” but pointed out that “the Democratic Party did not properly take advantage of the sudden arrival of luck and did not properly seize the opportunity to build a future highway.”

He said, “We need to pay attention to an environment in which politicians like Lee Jae-myung and Lee Jun-seok do not come out often in Korea,” he said.

Kim Woo-seop, chairman of the Youth Local Council of Representatives (Seongbuk-gu, Seoul), who attended the meeting, replied, “There is a road in the field, and there is power if you do not ignore complaints.”

With the slogan of ‘I am the future Lee Jae-myung’, Assemblyman Park plans to tour 17 cities and provinces across the country with young politicians to communicate with the 2030 generation and nurture and support young politicians.

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