“Omicron could hybridize with cold virus”


A study has found that the high infectivity of Omicron, a new mutation of COVID-19, may be due to a hybrid with some genes from the cold virus.

According to the Washington Post on the 4th of local time, Conference researchers, an American biomedical information analysis company, recently published a paper containing the sequencing results of omicron mutations.

As a result of the analysis, the Omicron mutation had a genetic code found in a common cold virus, unlike the existing Corona 19 virus.

The research team estimated that this change may have occurred in the host’s body infected with the existing Corona 19 virus and the HCoV-229E virus, which is also a corona virus but only causes a cold.

The genetic code that the researchers found has never been confirmed in any other COVID-19 mutations except for the omicron mutation.

The paper’s co-author, Benki Sundararajan, said the omicron mutation and the common cold-causing virus HCoV-229E have “significant” similarities, which could potentially allow COVID-19 to better adapt to the human host and bypass some immune systems. said.

“As viruses typically evolve in the direction of increased infectivity, they lose characteristics that could cause serious symptoms,” he added.

These research results are in the pre-publication stage and have not yet been peer-reviewed.

The Omicron mutation has spread to at least 40 countries since South Africa first reported it to the World Health Organization (WHO) on the 24th of last month.


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