Myanmar military vehicle ‘rebels’ rushes into protesters… 5 civilians killed


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Burmese forces drove a vehicle into protesters condemning a military coup, killing five people on the scene.

Reuters reports that a vehicle carrying soldiers rushed into protesters as Myanmar military and police were cracking down on rebel protests in Yangon, the largest city in the country.

Five civilians were killed in the process and at least 15 people were arrested.

A protester who requested anonymity said, “I was hit by something and then fell in front of a truck.”

Other eyewitnesses said the soldiers broke through the back of the protesters in their vehicles and then beaten and arrested the fleeing civilians.

Some of the injured citizens suffered head injuries and lost consciousness, they added.

The Myanmar military did not respond to questions related to this, Reuters said.

Myanmar’s military claimed that the general election held in November last year was fraudulent and held a coup on February 1 of this year, arresting state adviser Aung San Suu Kyi and members of the ruling party, the Democratic National League.

Since then, citizens’ anti-coup protests have been suppressed with force, resulting in mass deaths and bloodshed.

According to the Political Prisoners Support Coalition, a local human rights group, 1,303 citizens have been killed by the military and police since the military coup so far.

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