Mirco Nontschew († 52): colleague Tanja Schumann mourns in an interview


Mirco Nontschew (†52)
Tanja Schumann talks about the loss of her colleague

Mirco Nontschew and Tanja Schumann in 1995 on “RTL Saturday Night”.

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In the 90s Tanja Schumann and Mirco Nontschew were celebrated stars, now the comedian has passed away. “It hurts to lose him,” said the actress in an interview.

In the 90s they celebrated huge successes with “RTL Saturday Night”. Now the actress Tanja Schumann, 59, has to cope with the loss of her colleague Mirco Nontschew. The entertainer died in Berlin at the age of only 52.

When asked, Schumann told the news agency “spot on news” that she was “very shocked” by the news: “It hurts to lose him, even though we haven’t seen each other in years.”

Tanja Schumann mourns Mirco Nontschew

Working with Nontschew was always “a lot of fun” for her, “because he was a real sympathizer and a very unpretentious colleague”: “I almost always remember him as being in a good mood.” Most of all she will miss his “very own way” in the future. “The noises and gestures when he was speaking and playing were not trained. He was like that. And I will miss this manner and his warmth and down-to-earthness very much,” said Schumann.

In her opinion, it was never important to Nontschew to be the center of attention or to be prominent, on the contrary: “I had the feeling that it was actually too much for him.” She keeps her colleague in mind as a person of the heart, down-to-earth and rather modest.

Source used: spot on news



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