Mirage, tears finally shed over ‘radio profanity controversy’ “I hated myself”


Comedian Mirage, who was controversial for inappropriate remarks during a live radio broadcast, shed tears.

Mirage, a fixed performer, appeared on the podcast ‘Young-Jin Jeong and Wook Choi’s hawk show’, which was released on the 3rd. The DJs of the ‘Maebul Show’ who saw the mirage mentioned the recent controversy, saying, “I personally cheer for it, but I don’t like it” and “I lost weight.”

Mirage said, “I wasn’t feeling well, but an elderly person in front of me came from Busan to be my fan. He said that he would take a picture while giving him bread, but he said that he would take the photo in food mode, so he laughed. This is how we laugh and live.” showed

Choi Wook delivered a message of support, saying, “I don’t know anything else, and many people are cheering for me through the comments of ‘Maebul Show’.” Then Mirage said, “I thought I’d quit until the day before yesterday…”

Mirage added, “I knew for sure that there was a big difference between the platforms,” ​​and added, “Once I couldn’t do other live broadcasts, please support me as I’m doing this. I’m sorry.”

Mirage appeared on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ live broadcast on the 24th of last month and was criticized by listeners for his reckless 19-gold remarks, use of profanity, and exposure of trademarks. As the controversy continued, he apologized through SNS on the 2nd, saying, “I don’t have live broadcasting experience and I always talked on a free platform, so I was inexperienced in over-the-air radio that people of all ages listen to.”

Since then, Mirage, who appeared on a podcast broadcast that has been appearing on a regular basis, showed tears and expressed his heartache during that time.

At the end of the broadcast of ‘Maebul Show’, Choi Wook cheered on Mirage, saying, “Mirage, show your talents. If you cringe here, why do we have to watch a mirage on TV? Doesn’t it have its own charm?”

At this, Mirage continued to say, “The people here are grateful, so next week…”, crying once more. In the end, he said, “I came here today for nothing, so I tried not to come. Next week, I will come back to my senses.”

“It’s okay for people to hate me, but I didn’t like myself,” he confessed. He continued, “There is a color that the platform ‘Maebul Show’ has, but if I can’t do this when I come here, there is no reason to come out. “I think I’m going to be holding my ankle,” he said.

[사진=팟캐스트 ‘정영진, 최욱의 매불쇼’ 캡처]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)


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