Michi Beck has to cancel the task


“The duel around the world”
Michi Beck has to cancel the task

“The duel around the world – Team Joko against Team Klaas”: Michi Beck could not start his job in Croatia.

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“The duel around the world” causes a stir again. Michi Beck had to cancel his task. There is criticism on the internet.

Excitement about yesterday’s edition of the ProSieben show “The duel around the world – Team Joko versus Team Klaas”. After an aborted task, there was clear criticism on Twitter and the comment columns. The accusation: a staged story that had the appearance of reality to guide viewers into the ProSieben app. But what happened?

Michi Beck (53) from the Fantastischen Vier was sent to Croatia by Joko Winterscheidt (42) to fight for a country point for Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (38). His task: tied to a rope, jump into a hole in the ground. So far, so normal for “The Duel Around the World”. But before Beck could perform his stunt, the spectators were able to enjoy the safety precautions that had been taken in advance. And they all went badly wrong.

The rope broke twice

The rope tore twice during trial runs, once a sack was tied to the rope, once a dummy doll. The responsible security expert in the group: “As things stand now, we have to cancel the story.” And so Michi Beck left without having achieved anything: “The whole time I thought they wanted to fool me. But then I noticed that something really went wrong. The shit was steaming.”

Back in the studio, Winterscheidt initially admitted that something had gone wrong and presenter Jeannine Michaelsen (39) had the solution: the audience should simply vote in the ProSieben app whether Michi Beck deserved the point. Some twitter users sensed a game that was set up: The mishap was stagedso that viewers can download the app?

In the end, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf remained world champion

The winner was almost a minor matter: Michi Beck was awarded the point by the app users and in the end Klaas Heufer-Umlauf prevailed in the final and remained “World Champion”.



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