Mareile Höppner celebrates the first snow in this unusual elevator


Mareile Höppner
In this unusual elevator she celebrates the first snow

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All of Germany is looking forward to the first snowflakes. Even Mareile Höppner can’t wait to welcome the first flakes. In order to get to the door as quickly as possible, the presenter even decided against wearing pants.

Mareile Höppner, 44, is apparently a snow bunny! The TV presenter posts a photo on Instagram that shows how she welcomes the first snow. The unusual thing about your elevator? She went downstairs without going outside!

Mareile Höppner celebrates the first snow without pants

Brrr! You get cold just watching! The “Brisant” presenter apparently had no time to lose to celebrate the first snowflakes. “We’re out again. The first snow in our new home is here,” writes the 44-year-old about the funny photo that her husband apparently took.

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The presenter seems to be dancing, but there is little of the snow in the picture. Just like a pair of pants that the presenter wears. Because she apparently left it in. In a thick winter jacket, with a hat on her head and boots on her feet, she walks around the garden, does not wear pants, dances through the grass with bare legs, which are remarkably well trained. She adds the hashtag # fürmanchedingeistmanniezualt to her text. Your fans seem to agree, but …

Fan warn presenter

The fans and followers are happy about the wonderfully funny snapshot, but at the same time warn that Mareile shouldn’t catch a cold – as lightly dressed as she is on her night out in the garden. “Don’t get a sniff”, writes one, another worries: “Not that you will freeze to death.” The TV fame doesn’t seem to care, Mareile enjoys the first snow and lets her followers take part in it. “Exactly right,” says a third follower, “the first snow must always be used!” One follower even suspects that Mareile could cause the snow to melt immediately with her hot elevator: “The snow will melt as soon as you go out like that.”

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