Lisa Ortgies: The WDR presenter is getting divorced after 20 years


Lisa Ortgies
WDR presenter is getting a divorce

Lisa Ortgies

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Lisa Ortgies was married to her husband for 20 years, now she has filed for divorce. Now the WDR presenter speaks about the Liebesaus.

“My husband and I got divorced after 20 years of marriage,” confirms Lisa Ortgies, 55, to “Bild am Sonntag”. It is not known who she was married to – she has always kept her relationship out of the public eye.

Lisa Ortgies is silent about reasons for marriage

She is silent about the reasons for the love out, only reveals: “Even after my own divorce I know much better what is missing, what I have to clarify after a separation.”

Perhaps the 55-year-old will soon be speaking more openly about her breakup in her love podcast “Lisas Paarschitt”. Together with prominent guests, such as Ross Antony, 47, the presenter wants to chat about love, relationships and breakups. “A single supposedly falls in love every eleven minutes, but a marriage ends every four minutes. I want to know what happens before, during and after a relationship,” said Ortgies.

Lisa Ortgies has been in front of the camera for the WDR show “Frau tv” since 1997. At the beginning of her career, she wrote a parallel column for Alice Schwarzer’s, 79, magazine “Emma”. After Schwarzer’s departure in 2008, she even acted as editor-in-chief for a short time. But after a few months she left the magazine and returned to WDR.

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