Leo, revived from the 3rd set… OK Financial Group leaps to third place


In professional volleyball, OK Financial Group jumped from 5th to 3rd by continuing its 11th straight win streak against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

OK Financial Group defeated Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance by winning sets 3, 4 and 5 even after losing 1 and 2 sets in the 2021-2022 V-League men’s home match in the professional volleyball dodram 2021-2022 at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan. -25 25-20 25-23 15-11) came from behind.

OK Financial Group, which added 2 points, moved up to 3rd place with a total of 20 points (8 wins 5 losses).

On the other hand, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (18 points, 6 wins and 7 losses) could not break the chain of losing streak (11 losses) against OK Financial Group since December 28, 2019, and stayed in 6th place.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s will to end its losing streak in the OK Financial Group match was strong.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance tied the opponent’s main gun, Leo, with 8 points and an attack success rate of 40% in the first and second sets.

OK Financial Group coach Seok Jin-wook played with only domestic players in the third set, leaving Leo in the warm-up zone.

In the third set, OK Financial Group waved the opponent’s receive line with a strong serve and successfully counterattacked by evenly utilizing Cha Cha-hwan (5 points), Jae-seong Cho (4 points), and Ji-hoon Moon (5 points) from both wings.

In the 4th set 5-7, coach Seok Jin-wook put Leo in.

Leo, who took a breath in the warm-up zone, led the attack with a completely different look.

In 6-8, Leo succeeded in back-attacking, and Samsung Fire’s main gun Kyle Russell’s back-attack didn’t hit the blocker and went out of line.

Afterwards, both teams played a seesaw game, but it was Leo who broke the balance.

Leo succeeded in an open attack 22-22, and even in 24-23, Leo succeeded in a light time difference attack and finished the set.

The 5th set was also Leo’s solo stage.

At 3-3, Leo broke the balance with a quick open.

Russell’s quick-open, on the other hand, was a crime.

Leo blocked Russell’s quick open 10-7, and then blocked Russell’s quick open 12-9 to solidify his victory.

Leo, who had only scored 8 points in the second set, scored 24 points, the most in the team, with 3, 4, and 5 sets.

The attack success rate has been raised to 60%.

After the match, players from OK Financial Group, who gave coach Jin-wook Seok a thrilling comeback victory on his birthday, playfully beat coach Jin-wook Seok and delivered ‘Happy Birthday’.

(Photo=provided by the Korea Volleyball Federation, Yonhap News)


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