Lee Jae-myung “If some of the bar exams are revived… Eliminating administrative exams is eliminating past exams”


Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung said, “I hope that some judicial examinations will be revived.”

Candidate Lee said this through YouTube Live during a visit to Jeonbuk on the afternoon of the 5th and added, “I think we should give the opportunity to lawyers if they have the skills to leave the law school alone and only take the bar exam, so those who could not even finish middle and high school.” I did.

When a chatting participant asked, “Please don’t get rid of the level 5 recruitment exam,” Lee said, “There is a problem in selecting all exams and high-ranking officials. “I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not,” he said.

He also responded to the proposal to visit Dokdo, saying, “Whether to visit Dokdo is actually one of my concerns.

When one participant asked, ‘I want former Minister of SMEs and Startups Park Young-sun to go to the camp,’ he answered, “Yes, it should be.”


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