Large volcanic ash up to 12,000 meters high… 13 deaths


A volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Java, spewing out huge amounts of ash. The village was quickly covered with volcanic ash and residents were evacuated. So far, 13 people have been killed and more than 100 people have been injured.

By Jung Young-tae, staff reporter.

As a huge cloud of ash rises and begins to attack the town, residents, including children, run desperately to avoid it.

Residents who were not able to escape suffered severe burns from the hot volcanic ash.

The volcanic ash covered the sky in an instant, falling into darkness everywhere, and the rainwater mixed with the ash turned black.

[수프리야타노/트럭 운전사 : 모두가 겁에 질리고 공포에 빠져서 뛰었습니다. 이번 화산 분출이 지난해에 일어났던 분출 규모보다 훨씬 더 컸기 때문입니다.]

At 3 pm local time yesterday (4th), Sumeru Volcano on the Indonesian island of Java started to erupt and spewed out a column of ash up to 12,000 meters above sea level.

A thick layer of mud made from a mixture of ash and rain landslides, smashing homes and destroying a major bridge to a nearby metropolis.

More than 11 villages in the Lumajang region near the volcano were covered in ash, turning them into black-and-white photos.

The Indonesian government says 13 people have been killed and more than 100 injured.

In preparation for the possibility of further eruption of the volcano, the 5km radius of the crater has been blocked and about 1,000 residents at the foot of the mountain have been evacuated.

[대피소 자원봉사자 : 당장 생필품과 음식, 물이 필요합니다. 주민들이 얼마나 오랫동안 여기에 있어야 할지 아직은 알 수 없습니다.]

Sumeru Volcano, which is over 3,600m above sea level, is the highest volcano on Java Island and erupted last January, but there were no deaths at the time.

Some residents claimed that before the eruption yesterday afternoon, disaster authorities did not properly communicate any information about volcanic activity, including an evacuation alert.

(Video editing: Hongmyeong Lee)

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