Kim Jong-in, who met Yoon Seok-yeol, “It is important to recover the class devastated by Corona early.”


People’s Power Chairman Kim Jong-in, who accepted the post of General Election Commissioner Yoon Seok-yeol, is accelerating the appointment of the presidential candidate and the agenda that will penetrate this election.

Chairman Kim is expected to attend the inauguration ceremony of the predecessor team tomorrow (6th) to formalize the joining of the predecessor team and deliver the first message.

Chairman Kim met Won Hee-ryong, who came to his personal office this morning, to place an order related to policy and advise on the announcement of promises.

In the afternoon, he went to work in Yeouido and looked around his office.

Chairman Kim is likely to put ‘resolving polarization’ and ‘the common people and the weak’ as the main keywords of this election.

Chairman Kim, who exchanged opinions on the development of the presidential agenda and promises with Candidate Yoon at the company this afternoon, met with reporters and said, “The most important task for the next president is the economic devastation of some social classes due to the corona crisis. Because we are going through a hardship, how do we deal with that in the first place?” he said.

“Looking at the international situation and everything else, we have to think about whether the economic structure of our country should go to this state, or whether it will achieve a different transformation from the past in the global economy in a period of transition,” he added.

Chairman Kim included the resolution of social polarization as one of the ’10 promises’ through the revision of the party policy and policies during the previous non-captain, and operated the ‘Committee with the Weak’.

It is known that Chairman Kim met with former Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong in the morning and ordered ‘policy development that can reach the common people’ and ‘policy development that is really helpful and can empathize with the people’.

Director Won met with reporters and said, “Rather than just the unrealistic promises made by politicians at every election, Chairman Kim Jong-in said, “The people are really at risk of survival due to Corona or polarization now, and small and medium-sized enterprises are too difficult. As a policy, I emphasized the need to develop a policy that can reach the common people,” he said.

(Photo = Provided by the People’s Power, Yonhap News)

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