Jae-myung Lee, aimed at senior citizens, “Just as a military regime can’t do it, a prosecutor’s state can’t do it either.”


Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, targeting People’s Strength candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, said, “There should never be a prosecution government just as there is no military government.”

Candidate Jae-myung Lee visited Jeonbuk Samgoeul Mayor today (the 5th), the third day of the Jeonbuk ‘Matta Bus (weekly Minsaeng Bus)’ schedule, and said, “The state for the prosecution, by the prosecution, and of the prosecution must never be done. “, he said this way.

In particular, Candidate Lee said, “The military regime was governed by the soldiers. They used state power for the benefit of the soldiers. They were all from the military. We hated the military regime.”

He continued, “However, a force made up of all kinds of former prosecutors is challenging to create a prosecutors state by winning the next year’s election,” he said.

It is interpreted as a remark aimed at the fact that many of the people’s aide Yoon Seok-yeol are from the prosecution.

Candidate Lee said, “Politics should not exist for someone’s private revenge, judgment, or private interest.” We need the Lee Jae-myung government,” he said, appealing for support.

He continued, “Are you going to go to the past or the future? Will you use your power to judge someone or to use your power to improve people’s lives? ‘ he asked.

Then, he added, “Do you need a president that retaliates or a president of economy? Do you need a president who judges or a president of Minsaeng?” He added, “You have to choose now.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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