Indonesia’s Sumeru volcano eruption kills 13, injures 100


The eruption of Sumeru Volcano in East Java, Indonesia, has so far killed 13 people and injured about 100, Reuters and other local media reported.

Indonesia’s Disaster Prevention Agency spokeswoman Abdul Muhari said 13 people were killed in the eruption of Sumeru, two of which have been identified.

In addition, 98 people, including two pregnant women, were injured in the eruption, and more than 35 patients were hospitalized due to burns, he said.

Authorities said that one person died right after the eruption the day before, but the number of casualties increased significantly in one day as the extent of the damage was determined.

Earlier, Sumeru Volcano started erupting the day before, generating a huge cloud of ash up to several kilometers high.

Hot clouds spread around, some nearby villages were covered with ash, and damage followed, including damage to bridges and houses.

Local residents in fear began to evacuate, but the smoke obscured them, making it difficult to move, foreign media reported.

Authorities are dispatching rescue teams to the local area to support the escape of isolated residents.

Sumeru Volcano is the highest volcano on Java Island and has recently erupted several times, including in January of this year.

Indonesia, which is made up of 17,000 islands, is located in the Pacific Rim orogeny called the ‘Ring of Fire’, so volcanic and earthquake activity is frequent.

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