Incheon church ‘Omicron Suspected’ infection successively… 3 more, total 12


A number of suspected mutations have been reported in the Incheon area church, where the number of infected with Omicron, a new mutation of Corona 19, is concentrated.

The city of Incheon announced today (5th) that a total of 337 people, including 24 people related to small-scale group infections, were diagnosed with Corona 19 during the last 4 days.

At the ‘Michuhol-gu Church’ where the Omicron mutation infected person was found, three additional people tested positive for Corona 19 the day before, and the cumulative number of confirmed patients increased to 20.

These three confirmed cases are classified as suspected omicron mutations and will be tested.

Of the 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19 related to the church, 10 have already confirmed omicron mutations.

A pastor and his wife in their 40s, who went to Nigeria and returned to Korea on the 24th of last month, were confirmed with Corona 19 the next day, and on the 1st, it was confirmed that they were infected with the first mutant Omicron in Korea.

Afterwards, 8 additional people including Mr. A, a Uzbek nationality acquaintance who drove the couple from the airport to their home, the son of the pastor and his wife, the family of Mr. A and their contacts, were confirmed as mutated Omicron.

Among them, it was revealed that Mr. A’s wife, mother-in-law, and acquaintances attended a worship service attended by hundreds of people at 1 pm on the 28th of last month, raising concerns about the further spread of mutated omicron infection.

The quarantine authorities are conducting tests on 780 people, including 411 people they came in contact with at church services and 369 people who attended services at other times of the church.

As of 00:00 on the same day, there are 12 confirmed cases of mutated omicron in Korea, including 10 related to the pastor’s wife and 2 women living in Gyeonggi-do.

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