He suffered from anxiety and depression


Prince William
He suffered from anxiety and depression

Prince William was in a mental crisis.

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In an interview, Prince William recalls a traumatic event that caused him to feel anxious and depressed.

Prince William (39) remembers a traumatic event that triggered a psychological crisis in him to this day. In an interview with the Apple Fitness + series “Time to Walk”, he reports on a devastating accident during his time as a helicopter pilot for the air rescue service. He saved the life of a seriously injured boy who was only a few years older than his own son Prince George (8).

Then he was overwhelmed by feelings of depression and it was as if something had “changed” in him, according to Prince William in the episode that will be released on December 6th, from which the British “Daily Mail” already quoted. Weeks later, his anxiety and depression increased. He describes the feeling “as if someone had put a key in a lock and opened it without my permission”.

That helped Prince William

He felt the pain and suffering of everyone. “And that’s not me,” explains William. “I’ve never felt that before.” Conversations with colleagues and a meeting with the boy’s family helped him out of his psychological crisis.

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